RCA Collective MMXII showcases selected works from recent graduates from Design Products, Innovation Design Engineering, Fashion and Textiles  departments of the Royal College of Art. The works range from contemporary furniture, to interactive installations, to more narrative-based pieces; all aiming to challenge the perception of design and provoke a change that would fundamentally shape our future world.


Ben Alun-JonesAnton AlvarezMary ArgyrouAngela BraccoAmanda BuckleyEirik HelgesenHilda HellstromJungin LeeOla MireckaHannah Morgan, Rafel OlivaDafi Reis DoronJames ShawGaspard Tine-BeresThe Polyfloss FactoryJames ThompsonPetter ThorneMarjan van AubelImme van der HaakAlei VerspoorNic WallenbergSam Weller

Come visit us at:

Area East Sectie C
Daalakkersweg 2
5641 JA Eindhoven



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