The Puritan Light

The use of the oil lamp began thousands of years ago and it is used to this day, due to its particular ambience and the warmth it deflects when it is lit. Nowadays, accustomed to an immediate access to a broad and provocative display of goods, we fail to recognize the qualities that define traditional culture, as they were once primarily conceived, in their most legitimate and genuinely practical form. There is great sincerity in the way our hands subtly embrace the light when it is carried around, acting as a protective shield. I adapted the spoon, due to its relevant practicality in serving some of the aspects I wanted to accent upon, by transforming its function. The pure efficiencies that characterize its form have been dispersed through the design of these pieces by adopting the essentials, whilst serving under the rhythms of that single flame.

Mary Argyrou
MA Design Products
Royal College of Art

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